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General Studies Customize Your Education

Invent Your Future

General studies degrees at WSU combine your interests and passions with high-quality WSU curriculum to provide you with a customized education that can take you anywhere.

Degree Programs

(Degrees in Humanities and Social Sciences are moving to the new School of Languages, Cultures, and Race in July 2018)

Sciences degree components

Each degree requires:

  • 120 total semester credits with 40 at the upper division (300/400).
  • A 2.00 cumulative grade point average at certification of major and at graduation.
  • Completion of the University Core Requirements and any additional requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Selection of two or three areas or fields of concentration within your academic, professional, and personal goals. The areas can be closely related or seemingly unrelated but of interest to you.
  • A significant portion of your area/concentration courses at the upper division.

General Studies degrees provide flexibility. It is easy to plan for inclusion of a variety of fields. It is also easy to revise your options as your interests change. Work with your advisor to examine and identify fields of study that most closely match your interests.

Transfer Students

Because the general studies degrees offer maximum flexibility, transfer students often find that degrees can be quickly completed in our program.

The advising staff is experienced in working with transfer students, both those who have completed “transferable” associate’s degrees and those who bring a record of previous course work.


Cherry Blossoms and Student Ambassadors

Options at WSU

General studies degrees are available on the Pullman and Tri-Cities campuses.

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